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Farewell Droopy Handshowers

California Faucets’ Adjustable Wall Bracket securely positions handshowers right where they’re needed for a comfortable, personalized shower experience

(Huntington Beach, CA, September 29, 2020) We’ve all experienced the aggravation. After you’ve lathered up during a refreshing shower, it’s time to rinse off, but your handshower has drooped down so far that the only place getting clean is the floor. California Faucets’ new Adjustable Wall Bracket for Handshowers comes innovatively to the rescue. A built-in spring return flexibly locks the handshower into place at the precise angle you need to get the job done. The water hits you right where you want it, making rinsing off a breeze.  Simply pull out the swivel holder to engage the spring return and twist it from upright to your desired angle position. There are multiple positions available so you’re sure to find the sweet spot you seek.

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California Faucets Turns Bath Time into Good Clean Fun With Latest Pixar-Style Video

The third in a trilogy of entertaining videos, faucets once again come to life in a whimsical blend of CGI and live action

(Huntington Beach, CA, January 11, 2019) California Faucets proves that faucets can harmonize in the bath in more ways than one. Following the success of Tub Filler Fever, which went viral in the industry, and Aqua Pella, which won multiple marketing awards, Bath Time is the latest in an evolving series of light-hearted kitchen and bath videos from California Faucets. This time, the video features a blend of computer-generated image (CGI) characters with live action. While the supposed star of the video is a woman enjoying some “me” time singing in the bath, it’s a suite of brass-finished faucets that steal the show.

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California Faucets Introduces StyleFlow® Air—the Next Generation of Showerheads and Handshowers

The sleek new addition to the StyleFlow family of showerheads and handshowers features air-infused water for a robust, yet water-saving showering experience

(Huntington Beach, CA, March 15, 2016) Ultra-thin, sleek, and evolved describe StyleFlow® Air, the latest member in California Faucets’ family of showerheads and handshowers. The new StyleFlow Air models feature a patented device that infuses the shower water with air to create fuller droplets without increasing water consumption.

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California Faucets Introduces BËL Multifunction Showerhead, the Latest Addition to StyleFlow™

BËL satisfies a desire for traditional style in the modern age shower

(Huntington Beach, CA September 4, 2014) Timeless design fits a home like a couture gown fits the curves of a woman’s body. California Faucets embraces the concept of enduring style with BËL, a multifunction showerhead inspired by classic architectural forms and traditional elegance. The new showerhead design is the latest addition to the StyleFlow™ family of multifunction showerheads and handhelds that feature Swiss Shower Technology™.

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California Faucets – Designers’ Choice at 2013 Pasadena Showcase House of Design

The faucet manufacturer’s bathroom fittings were a recurring theme, showcasing its style, versatility, and innovation throughout one of the nation’s largest house and garden tours

CaliforniaFaucets-PSHA-Bath-2(Huntington Beach, CA, June 18, 2013) California Faucets was given the nod by designers when its faucets and shower fittings were used in four distinctly different bathrooms in the 2013 Pasadena Showcase House of Design. The prestigious event, held annually in Pasadena, California since 1965, ran this year from April 21 through May 19. The showcase house displays products that represent the ultimate in modern bath amenity with the newest technology and most appealing designs.

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