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Farewell Droopy Handshowers

California Faucets’ Adjustable Wall Bracket securely positions handshowers right where they’re needed for a comfortable, personalized shower experience

(Huntington Beach, CA, September 29, 2020) We’ve all experienced the aggravation. After you’ve lathered up during a refreshing shower, it’s time to rinse off, but your handshower has drooped down so far that the only place getting clean is the floor. California Faucets’ new Adjustable Wall Bracket for Handshowers comes innovatively to the rescue. A built-in spring return flexibly locks the handshower into place at the precise angle you need to get the job done. The water hits you right where you want it, making rinsing off a breeze.  Simply pull out the swivel holder to engage the spring return and twist it from upright to your desired angle position. There are multiple positions available so you’re sure to find the sweet spot you seek.

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