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California Faucets Presents the Doheny™ Series by Christopher Grubb

With a unique banding detail that allows for split finishes, Doheny makes dynamic use of the octagon—a shape revered throughout history

(Huntington Beach, CA, January 31, 2023) California Faucets unveils the Doheny Series, one of two new bath faucets created in collaboration with award-winning interior and product designer Christopher Grubb. Characterized by its unique octagon shape, Doheny calls to mind the historical architecture of castles, monuments, and cathedrals, as well as more recent Art Deco and Mid-Century designs. A striking band detail around Doheny’s handle adds depth and texture while offering designers and homeowners the option of creating a split-finish look. But the freedom to customize doesn’t stop there. With 25-plus artisan finishes to choose from, the possible color combinations are endless.

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California Faucets Proudly Unveils the Christopher Grubb Bath Collection

Featuring two distinctive new faucet designs, the collection marks the company’s first bath faucet series created in collaboration with an award-winning interior designer

(Huntington Beach, CA, October 11, 2022) California Faucets presents the Christopher Grubb Bath Collection—the company’s first faucet design series created alongside an interior designer. Grubb, an award-winning interior designer, television and radio personality, on-air host, educator, and product designer,  infuses his signature architectural-inspired style into two classically elegant looks. Featuring the column-inspired Trousdale™ Series and the Doheny™ Series, which makes dynamic use of octagonal shapes and split finishes, the collection brings a fresh new take on transitional and contemporary styling, infusing modern luxury into a wide range of bath environments.

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